Monday, February 07, 2005

Weekend what-have-yous

The weekend has been one long feast.

Friday saw us having dinner at our now-favourite resto Bellini's (again!) with the Fullbright peeps as well as the IC crew, where we had a taste of the best italian food in the metro (Bellini's is located at The Markina Shoe Expo in Cubao, Q.C.) Topped the dinner off with some of their fabulous gelato (tiramisu rocks!) then headed out to Big Sky Mind to listen to some excellent Pinoy music courtesy of Itchyworms, Pedicab and some more bands (i forgot, but there was around 4 bands that night). Got to hang with the jap boys (Hirosh and Ryu) as well as have some QT with my sweetie :-D

+ + +

Attended my first INC wedding last Sat with my sweetie. Ok, i'm really not that familiar with the ceremony since it is my first time, but i was impressed by their choir and proceedings. The ceremony was short, but it was pretty strict. Guys on the left, girls on the right, regardless which friend are you (bride's or groom's) I kinda felt bad we weren't able to sit together since he didn't know anybody there. The reception was pretty cool though. Held at the Filipinas Heritage Library, it was both romantic and at the same time groovy! :-D The grrom's band from Baguio played, giving us reggae renditions of Sinatra, 311 and some other groovy sounds. Of course, the bride was radiant in her fab hair, lovely gown and yes, tear-filled yes. :-) Congrats Em! :-D

+ + +

Sunday got us into the "workout" mode, where we hung out at the gym for a pre-brunch exercise. I miss the gym. After having that bout of sickeness the past week, i finally got to muster enough strength to go there! Hahaha. Then again, i must have procrastinated long enough... we ate at ---where else?--- Bellini's for lunch (the head waiter already know us!) and had the sunday semi-ritual of grocery shopping at Shopwise afterwards.

Dinner at Dre's with Manila and the crew --- started late, but we managed to consume enough food to feed a small village. Andre made pasta, Jason and I brought potato salad and Manila and Anton provided fruit salad for dessert. Jordan and Jo supplied us some lovely fruit cake (made by their mom) and some ice cream --- a lovely combination! :-) I will never eat fruit cake the same way again! :-D

It was great to just chill and hang out with friends -- a lovely way to top off a hectic week! :-)

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